Everlast Super Whey Protein is one of the few supplements made by the American brand of boxing, mixed martial arts, apparel and accessories. This is a review of their Chocolate Wafer flavoured whey protein.

I bought this one from Game over the weekend, if you had seen on my Instagram and have had 3 servings already, so I have enough experience with it to review.

The Type of Whey Protein Everlast Super Whey Is

There are three types of whey protein being concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate. The concentrate is the least processed and hydrolysate is the most processed. Concentrate and isolate usually contains between 30-80% protein per serving, while hydrolysate contains between 80-90% per serving of the whey protein.

Everlast Super Whey Protein is a concentrate, containing 20 g of protein per serving. There is 30 g per serving, which makes it about 67% of protein per serving which is great.

Nutritional Value

Calories and macros are what you should look at when choosing your whey protein. Most protein shakes are low in calories and high in protein, as they should be. This one comes with 111 calories and 20 g of protein. It has 3,1 g of carbohydrates and 1,5 g of fat which is nice and low.

Whey protein powder should contain at least 20 g of protein to be a great post-workout supplement. This is nearly 50% (35-40%) of the daily recommended intake. There are ways to calculate the amount of protein that you need, go check out my friend Mikey’s Protein Calculator that will give you a good idea of the amount of protein that you should target to achieve your fitness goals. You’ll like that he also separates the macro breakdowns according to different goals, so there may be something there for you.


This tastes amazing with the recommended water usage and it does taste like a chocolate wafer. It is important that companies that have uncommon supplement flavours like USN should match what they are offering and Everlast has managed to do it well with this one. It is not too sweet with the sugar that it contains either.

Quality of the Super Whey Consistency and Mixability

Most whey protein has a very thin consistency that I don’t like, this one is different. It mixes well with water and with the recommended water usage of 150-200 ml, it gives a great consistency with the chocolate wafer taste that flows in your body. Great quality.

The common issues that you get with whey protein like stomach cramps or bloating, I haven’t experience with it. This could be because I have only had 3 servings, but if I do get issues as I continue using it, I will update accordingly.

I have managed to make some pancakes with it. They turned out great to be honest as you can see below:

Protein Pancakes

Value of the Supplement

Most whey protein powders go for about R280 – R300, this is the cheapest whey protein that I have come across. It sells for R230, exclusively, at Makro and Game. When you’re short on cash and want some whey, it would be a great buy with its 20 g of protein too.


It has the minimum amount of protein that is great for whey protein. The quality and taste make up for this and its consistency is one which does it for me. I am giving this one 9/10, which is the highest I’ll ever give because products can always improve. MyWellness Superior Whey edged by the consistency and taste.

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