There are foods that are good for fat loss because of the nutritional value that will help you in your diet. No matter what food you eat, it must be eaten in moderation, this includes the more nutritious food too.

These foods have the qualities of either being low in calories per serving, high in protein or can be eaten in high volumes, filling and still low in calories so you reduce your chances of gaining fat. In this list I’ve also listed some products that can act as appetite suppressants which can help you feel full and reduce your chances of eating more calories.

1. Soup

Soup is liquid-based food that you usually make with water, meat, spices, herbs and vegetables. You can have a lot of it to be filled and one serving can go up 350 calories maximum.

There are also sachets from brands, that are processed forms of soup (usually dried and in powder form). These are also low in calories per serving and yield a lot of volume. There is processing that this powdered soup undergoes, which makes it lose some of its nutritional value.

Be careful not to have too many of these sachets if you decide to, because they can add up the sodium in your diet. Otherwise, have a soup as its own meal or before a main course to eat less. It will also ensure that you increase your water intake.

2. Water

Water has no effective calories that will negatively effect your fat loss journey. Your body is made up of about 60%, therefore by drinking water, other than keep your body hydrated, you will ensure it maintains all its necessary functions.

Water removes the waste and toxins in your body. It is also used in the breakdown of stored fat as water droplets interact with the fat molecules that are broken down through a process called hydrolysis. It can act as an appetite suppressant when you may not be eating your next meal anytime soon.

Drink at least 2 litres of water daily to reap the benefits of water for fat loss.

3. Nuts

Various Nuts

Nuts are healthy alternatives for snacking between your main meals. They are high in protein, vitamins and minerals. You can also eat them in high volumes with the calories being low.

There are walnuts, almonds, cashews and many more you can choose from, these are of the top few that are highest in nutritional value and their prices say the same too, unfortunately.

4. Avocado

Avocado is a fruit that is high in unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats are an essential part of your diet because they can lower your bad cholesterol and be good for your heart.

Avocados keep you full for longer, which makes them good appetite suppressants. They are relatively high in calories as one avocado can go up to 240 calories per serving, but you won’t need more than one to be full and reap the benefits for fat loss and overall health.

There are great recipes out there, that taste great that you can try. Some whole-wheat bread, boiled/poached/fried eggs and an avocado is a simple one that tastes great and makes for a filling breakfast. Remember to drink your water before, during and after your meal for satiety.

5. Eggs

Eggs and Avo

This brings me to eggs, remember when whole eggs used to be avoided, because of the fat and cholesterol content in the yolk. Eggs are actually rich in vitamins, minerals and protein which can help maintain muscle.

They are also low in calories per serving and leave you filling full for longer (because of the protein) which makes them a good source of food for breakfast as mentioned above.

They are easy to prepare and having them boiled or poached helps keep more of their nutrients than frying. These days, rather than saying a whole egg adds to your fat and cholesterol, it is one of foods that are good for fat loss

6. Chicken (Breasts)

Chicken breasts, specifically, are one of the lowest-in-fat, animal protein sources that you can get. They boast a lot of protein, having more than 20g per 100g of chicken. Chicken breasts are also a filling source of protein being low in calories, so you can eat one and be full for longer.

When you’re deciding on your protein source, buy some chicken breasts to add to your meals and ensure that they are skinless and boneless to easily eat and dice if need be, for faster cooking or use in recipes.

7. Coffee

Coffee is another option you can choose from that will suppress your appetite. It helps you manage your calorie intake in this way. Coffee also helps boost your metabolism due to caffeine. Depending on your overall diet, this can result in more fat being burned or weight being lost.

When you drink coffee, do not be afraid of adding milk and sugar, if you like it, but note that this increases the calories in that coffee. I personally have gone from having 4 to no sugars in my coffee as I have felt that with more sugar, I feel more tired a couple of hours later after drinking that coffee.

If you have had my problem of high sugar coffee, gradually decrease your sugar count from 4 to 1 and your taste buds will adjust accordingly, until you won’t really care about the sugar in your coffee.

8. Oats

Oats is a wholegrain meal that is low in calories and fat. Whole grains like oats contain a lot of fiber which helps you feel full for longer and aids in digestion. Due to these factors, oats is perfect for fat loss as it can be eaten in high volumes with it only going up to 370 calories per 100g, which is higher than the usual serving size of oats (40 – 45g).

It is better to use the recommended serving size. It is about 150 calories and add your favourite toppings like fruit, nut butter and other condiments to keep the calories at a minimum and add more nutrients to your oats. You can add this perfectly to your foods for fat loss.

9. Fish


Fish is another low fat protein source, but usually the more expensive option than chicken. Fatty fish contains more Omega-3 fatty acids than farmed and canned options. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for heart health and help reduce your blood fat (triglycerides).

Great options are salmon, mackerel and trout. Some tuna is also great for Omega-3, but tuna is great mostly for its low-fat, low-calorie and high protein content.

10. Plain or Greek Yoghurt (Plain or Greek)

Plain yoghurt contains less sweeteners than flavoured yoghurt and also contains less calories. It is great to incorporate with fruits and seeds to add more nutrients and make it more filling.

Greek yoghurt contains more protein and less sugar than the regular yoghurts. They all generally contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. The high protein content makes them filling and they are low in calories per serving, so you can eat a lot of it and they have little chance of negatively affecting your calorie intake.

Whether you eat full or low fat doesn’t matter in fat loss, because the difference in fat is usually 1:2 and the fat in yoghurt is usually low per serving. Unless, you’re strict in reducing your fat intake, don’t worry about it too much in the yoghurt you choose.

11. Whey Protein (Bonus)

This is a more pricey bonus option than the others. Getting yourself some whey protein may be the difference you need in maintaining your muscle and losing fat. Whey protein is high in protein, low in calories, carbs and fat. It deserves to be mentioned as one of the foods that are good for fat loss.

It can be the perfect meal replacement when you’re out of options. You must ensure you get quality protein that doesn’t uncomfortably bloat you up or gives you stomach cramps. The last two whey protein that I had tried are Everlast Super Whey and My Wellness Superior Whey. You could try them and see if they work for you. The links are reviews I did to help you decide.

The Takeaway

These options are ones are meant to hold you up before your next meal which is important in fat loss.

When you have foods that are low in calories that can be eaten in high volumes, it ensures that you can maintain a calorie deficit to help you lose fat.

You must eat foods that are high in protein because when you’re trying to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat, it is important to maintain muscle through lifting weights and eating protein. This ensures that you’re not just losing body weight, which includes water and muscle.

The options that are seen as appetite suppressants can reduce your calorie intake throughout the day. They can be added to meals or eaten before and after to help feel full quicker, for longer and reduce your appetite. This is what foods for fat loss are meant to do.


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