The innovation of health and fitness apps has resulted in more growth in the fitness industry. They provide convenience, assistance and easier tracking of progress and results. There are a few that can change the way you live your life and I’d recommend using either of them whether you’re starting out in your fitness journey or a long-time trainer.

I have based this on my experience with these apps and my opinions alone. I’ve used each app in my health and fitness training and tracking. I will also put their ratings based on iPhone users, since I have one.

1. MyFitnessPal

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MyFitnessPal App

It is an app that helps you count you calories and macros, identify how many you consume and burn. The free version provides all the basics that you need to track your eating and exercise.

You must provide your profile, goals and activity levels to be guided on your calorie intake and burning. This in turn gives you smaller goals to work towards to achieve your ultimate goal.

You can link your

Pros: A great bonus on this app is its ability to scan bar codes of packages. This allows you to track some products as accurately as possible.

Cons: It has its moments where it gets really slow for some reason. This has been an ongoing problem for years. Re-installing the app usually helps, but is not a sustainable solution.

Rating: 4.7 stars

2. Adidas Runtastic

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Adidas Runtastic

This is an app that is mainly focused on your exercising. It helps you track your distance, time, speed, elevation and calories burned. You provide your profile and your goals related to cardio exercises. The goals you can specifically set are based on distance, time or calories burned with a set time period too.

You’re also able to link it to a Polar, Garmin or Apple Watch.

Pros: The challenges provided are motivating and can give you a good start into your running.

Cons: You must have a decent network to track your route and distance. This is a challenge in itself if you’re running in areas with low network or don’t have a watch.

Rating: 4.7 stars

3. JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log

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This is a great beginners app as it provides you with a workout plan schedule that you don’t have to pay for and is easy to follow. It has a 3-Day Workout Split plan which is ideal when you’re starting out, considering your fitness levels and schedule.

It allows you to change workouts or exercises of each day to what you prefer to do or develop your own workout. The muscles worked and equipment that is required to do the exercises is shown too. You will be able to track your gains on this app.

Pros: Simple demonstrations of each exercise are provided, which helps when you don’t know how to do it. It gives you gym and home exercises which is ideal for any environment you’re in.

Cons: Honestly, I don’t believe there are any faults with this one. The ads occasionally get in the way and click on them by mistake. Other than that, it is a great app.

Rating: 4.7 stars

Why Use Health and Fitness Apps?

They can be the difference you need to track what you’re doing to achieve your fitness goals. You only require a phone, data and/or internet access. You will be motivated, especially if you have the notifications that remind you to exercise or track your progress.

I listed these apps because they cover the basic requirements in achieving your fitness goals, training and nutrition. Your mind is also an important aspect of health and fitness.

There are apps that can help with getting your mind into focus and driven. They will also help you live a happy and grateful life through meditation and storytelling. Apps like Calm and Headspace. The issue I have with these is how they provide little free resources, they’d rather have you on the premium membership to get the full experience of the apps.

If you know of any other health and fitness apps, please feel free to mention them in the comments?

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