There are foods to avoid when you want to lose fat. Reduce your consumption or completely eliminate them from your diet to ensure that you achieve your fat loss goals.

Restrictions in your diet mustn’t be practiced, unless you’re planning to compete for something or have health conditions where it is required. If you have found yourself not being able to lose fat or have stubborn belly fat, making changes that lead to healthier eating habits might be what you need.

Take the time to read through each food and if it is something that you can live without, take it out. It’s not easy cutting something out that you had enjoyed a lot before, but it’s usually worth it.

When you’re trying to lose fat, you must know that you should consume less calories than you burn and be in calorie deficit. You must avoid food that causes your body to convert more calories into fat.

1. Alcohol

Most alcohol is high in calories. These calories can build up very quickly if you’re not tracking them. Beer, wine and champagne are common examples that you should avoid.

Red wine has health benefits that can be beneficial in the long term, but these you can get from their source – grapes. Otherwise, all alcohol must be consumed in moderation or completely eliminated to lose fat.

2. French Fries and Potato Chips

person sprinkling salt in fries
French Fries

The french fries that you buy from restaurants or fast food chains are usually deep-fried in oil. This results in them losing a lot of their nutritional value and being highly processed with the added oils, other spices and sauces. They can end up being very high in calories per serving but low in nutritional value.

Potato chips undergo even further processing and have additives that result in them lasting longer than normal potatoes. They are high in calories per serving with very low nutritional value.

Make your own potatoes through baking or frying with plant oils or sprays.

3. Pastries, Cakes and Cookies

Pastries, cakes and cookies are usually made with simple carbs. Simple carbs that are digested and absorbed in the bloodstream fast. They can cause an increase in insulin secretion which results in more carbs being stored as fat.

They are absorbed quicker than complex carbs (potatoes, rice and pasta etc.) and sometimes made with refined sugar and flour that is highly processed and high in calories.

When you want to snack, have fruits and nuts as alternatives.

4. Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are liquid calories, like alcohol. They usually contain a lot of sugar which adds up the more you drink them. Some soft drinks speak of having no sugar, when in actual fact they have sugar substitutes. They are considered zero-calorie sugars, usually artificial and their long-term effects are still being researched.

5. White Bread

White bread undergoes a lot of processing that results in its texture and taste change. It contains a lot of added sugar that can cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

There are options in bread that you can choose from whole-wheat to ezekiel bread that are lot more healthier and nutritious. Your calorie intake should always be considered with any carb sources as many are high in calories per serving.

6. Fruit Juices

Not all, but most fruit juice concentrates are actually high in calories per serving. This is due to the added sugar that is put in them. Always look at the packaging to see the amount of calories.

Just because it is a fruit juice, many people have the misconception that it is healthy liquid alternative. Just stick to water compared to the other fluids for fat loss. You can also just eat the actual fruit or make your own juice using the fruit you want.

7. Energy and Granola Bars

Energy and granola bars are usually high in fiber which helps with digestion and keeping you full for longer. They also are usually high in protein seen as snacks. Most are also high in sugar, which makes them high in calories per serving.

It is important that you read the labels or only use these as pre or post workout snacks for the purpose of a quick energy boost that will be burned. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are better snack options to eat though.

8. Flavoured Yogurts

Yoghurts are nutritious food that can be used to make meals or snacks. The issue comes with some sugar-sweetened yoghurts. Always check the nutritional information on the packaging if you like yogurts. The sugar added can make the yoghurts high in calories.

The great option to try is Greek yoghurt without added sugar. It is high in protein. Another option is plain yoghurt which also doesn’t have added sugar. If you’re wanting to add flavour to them, mix fruits such as berries, grapes and mangoes etc.

9. Processed Meat


Processed meat is like hotdogs, ham and unfortunately, bacon. This meat has undergone a lot of processing that has lead to it having a lot of salt and very low nutritional value. Bacon is usually high in calories per serving too.

Keep your meat source as natural as possible to keep the nutritional value in it. This also ensures that you know what you’re eating. Organic food markets are usually the best option to get your food from.

10. Sweets and Candy Bars

Sweets and candy bars are usually made with refined sugar. This refined sugar is a simple carb. It can increase your insulin levels and have more carbs being stored as fat.

Always look to fruits and nuts as alternatives to any sweets and candy bars. Dried fruits are also better options even though they too can be calorie dense, but have more nutrients than sweets and candy bars.

The Take-Away

When you want to lose fat, eliminate food that is high in calories per serving, but low in nutrients. Rather eat the opposite of this.

Burn more calories through exercise and only eat simple carbs when you’re going to exercise.

Food that is highly processed must be eliminated from your diet. Organic food is always best. Your calories must always be considered no matter how nutrient-dense the food is.

Maintain a calorie deficit without these foods to avoid when you want to lose fat.

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