Whether you’re a man or woman, weight training can bring about benefits to your health and fitness. The benefits of weight training are from the inside and outside. It can be the difference you need to achieve your fitness goals.

When I started weight training, it was all about getting big and strong, all training for rugby. I realized that I was big, but not strong or fast, this really gave me a really bad year in rugby that year. I learned from that and had to make a change, but the main thing I learned in that year is that weight training can work for both building muscle and losing fat.

Weight Training Definition

In general, it is physical training that involves the lifting of weights. This weight training that I am discussing includes Olympic Weightlifting, the lifting of dumbbells, kettlebells and any other lifting of weight.

Weight Training Benefits

1. Build Confidence

The more weight training you do, the stronger you become and the stronger you become, the more confident you are in your abilities.

When you start lifting heavier, it can be nerve-wrecking. When you get used to a weight that seemed heavier before, you build confidence in pushing yourself harder and lifting heavier.

Confidence is a skill that can be developed, whether you’re introverted or extroverted, it doesn’t matter. Confidence is based on your belief in something and that can be built, especially for something you’ve consciously been working on.

The results that come from weight training and balanced nutrition, especially if you’re looking to improve your physique, help develop confidence in your appearance.

2. Improve Strength

Improving your strength can be convenient for other things in your life. If you work a highly physical job (like construction or operating), being able to lift heavier can be beneficial in getting the job done more efficiently.

Strength will also help spice up your sex life if you’re looking to be more acrobatic and different in the bedroom, but always remember to be careful when trying new things.

3. Improve Chances of Fat Loss

Fat loss comes when you’re eating less calories than you burn (calorie deficit). You can burn more calories when you are weight training and as long as you maintain a calorie deficit, this will become easier with the weight training.

Weight lifting will also help build muscle and when muscles are bigger, they burn more calories in trying to maintain that muscle. This will improve your chances of fat loss too.

4. Definitely Building Muscle

Weight training involves the micro tearing of your muscle cells when you lift the weights. When they recover after you stop training, they recover bigger than before you trained. This results in the muscles getting bigger.

Your muscles require contraction, relaxation and some time under tension in between for them to get micro tears. Let’s look at the bicep curl: when you lift the weight, you will contract the bicep and when you lower the weight, you relax the muscle.

In between the contraction and relaxation will be the time under tension where your set will be longer in completing. This improves your strength and growth of the muscle.

5. Ultimate Growth

Weight training is one of those activities that can challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. You will be going into a public space with different people, where you don’t know more than half of them, which can make you a bit anxious the first time.

You will be trying exercises that you’ve researched or got from a Personal Trainer or coach, that you probably will still be learning to do. This is something that you might have to breakthrough early on.

Never go in acting like you know everything or stronger than you actually are. This is a fast-track to embarrassment or even injury. There is always something new to learn in weight training.

For example, I have been training for 6 years and this year was the first time that I found a better and safer way to do squats that’s helped me improve my form and lift heavier.

Getting out of your comfort zone and always being willing to learn is the key to ultimate growth. This kind of training can be a factor in this the more you dive into it.

Weight Training Equipment

This equipment is required in ensuring that you achieve these benefits mentioned above. Here are examples of the equipment that you can use:

  • Dumbbells
  • Barbells
  • Kettlebells
  • EZ Bar
  • Weight Plates
  • Benches

The Takeaway

Weight training is beneficial for your mental and physical health and fitness. When you lift weights, always be willing to learn more and put yourself out there for that.

Whether you want to lose fat or build muscle, weight training can be the key to you achieving it sustainably. Your gender doesn’t matter with weight training, it can be beneficial for all genders.

  1. Develop Confidence
  2. Improve Strength
  3. Improve Chances of Fat Loss
  4. Definitely Build Muscle
  5. Ultimate Growth

You can get a lean or toned physique through weight training and eating in a calorie deficit, which is what most people aim to achieve when they’re training.

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