Overnight weight gain is something that you shouldn’t worry about because unless you’re on very strict daily routine that ensures that you eat, sleep and do anything before you sleep at the same time, you will most likely be heavier.

I hope that this post will give you clarity on 6 possible reasons why you gained weight overnight. You must understand that if this happens overnight and you lose eat throughout the day or week, it is usually temporary. When it compounding daily, that’s when you’ve probably got something to worry about.

How Do You Usually Gain Weight

Weight gain is when your body mass increases the value on the scale. If you’ve been reading my blogs, you will know that a scale is not the best way to track progress.

You gain weight when you eat more calories than you burn on a regular basis. All food and drinks contain calories which are the energy units of them.

Your body burns these calories to carry out your daily functions as a human, like breathing, sleeping and eating etc. If you want to lose weight, you will burn more when you exercise, this is why it is highly recommended to do it.

When the calories that you burn are less than the calories you consume, your body will store the excess calories/energy as fat.

This fat builds up gradually and by the time you’ve realized it, you’ve got fat deposits that are evident when you’re out in public.

It will unlikely lead to this when it is gained overnight. This information will be helpful in preventing you from developing bad habits that lead to gaining weight over time too.

Here are the 6 possible reasons you have gained it overnight:

1. You Had A High-Carb Day The Day Before

Carbohydrates are the main energy source of the body. They are split into simple and complex carbs.

Simple carbs are broken down by the body quicker than complex carbs because they have less chemical bonds. These come in the form of fruit sugars, table sugar, some milk sugar and the body’s blood sugar etc.

Complex carbs are broken down by the body slower than simple carbs because they have more chemical bonds. They come in the form of starch, fiber and some animal food sources.

These products can leave you full for longer and some aren’t easily digested by the body. Your body will still have that food stored and water retained that will have you wake up heavier than the day before.

2. You Had More Sodium Than Usual

Sodium is a chemical element that is known as a metal, but can only be made when combined with another chemical. For example table salt is Sodium Chloride (NaCl).

Sodium causes your body to retain more water which will make you heavier. Foods that are high in sodium are salted nuts, bacon, canned fish or meat, sausages etc. Salty food in general.

3. You Had An Intense Workout The Day Before

Intensity in workouts will be the result of lifting heavier or less rest than usual between sets or training for longer, just doing more than usual in exercise.

When lifting heavier your muscles undergo micro-tears. The cells become bigger when those muscles repair, which may result in weight being added.

The more intense your workouts are, the more glycogen (broken down glucose/carbs) is stored for energy. The glycogen must bind with water to fuel the muscles and may cause an increase in weight.

4. You Have Had A Stressful Day

Life comes with stress. The stress of work, studying or survival. It causes your body’s metabolism to increase and the release of cortisol hormone that causes cravings. It is vital in survival situations, but these aren’t as frequent as they used to be.

The more energy you will require due to a metabolism increase will increase your appetite. You will desire comfort foods or snacks to feel better. During your stressful day, you may have fallen victim to this without knowing it.

You must look out for stress before you sleep. When you’ve had a stressful day, go exercise or make sure you don’t succumb to cravings as a result of the release of cortisol.

5. You Haven’t Had Enough Fluids

When your body has come to point where it is too low on fluid it means that you are dehydrated. This comes a result of not consuming enough fluids than you’ve lost.

You lose fluid through sweating, tears, vomiting or going to the bathroom to release. Climate, activity levels and diet also play a huge role in having enough fluid in your body.

Your body will try to hold on to as much fluid as possible when you’re dehydrated. This will result in all fluids that you may have had on the previous day or in the morning to be held for longer.

It will be water weight gained and once your body adapts to the regular fluid intake again, it will drop.

6. Overnight Weight Gain From Alcohol

Alcohol in itself causes your body to become dehydrated and as stated above how dehydration causes overnight weight gain. Many types of alcohol are high in carbs and sugar too.

If you’re out drinking and having a late night, you will most likely get a midnight snack or meal before you go to bed. This will also result in you waking up heavier in the morning.

Your weigh in time also affects the number on the scale and if you sleeping in from the late night, this will alter the number shown.

Alcohol may leave you bloated depending on how much you’ve had and this will also make for a different weight in the morning.

How To Avoid Overnight Weight Gain

If you are to avoid these 6 possible reasons of overnight weight gain, you will reduce the chances of weight gain in the morning.

This will only work if you develop healthy habits that reduce these reasons from occuring. You cannot control the environment or what’s happening around, but you can control what you eat and drink on consistent basis.

It doesn’t mean you must completely eliminate them from you life, but it is all about moderation and balance. You must ensure that most of your daily life revolves around regular exercise and nutritious food, based on your schedule and what works for you.

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