Looking for alternatives to having no access to the gym? This is a full body HIIT workout with dumbbells to help you burn more calories if you’re looking to lose fat.

Since the lockdown 2 weeks ago, I had taken a week off training to formulate a schedule that will help me maintain the intensity of the period where I had access to the gym. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to gain as much muscle so I took time away to change momentarily change the focus.

This is a workout that mainly focuses on helping you develop muscular and cardiovascular endurance. In simpler terms, building stamina in your muscles, your heart, lungs and blood vessels. This will ensure that your body can exert a lot of force and withstand more pressure before getting overly tired.

Workout Summary

  • Main Goal: Muscular Endurance and Fat Loss
  • Workout Type: Full Body
  • Training Level: All Levels
  • Time Per Workout: 12-20 minutes (Depending on the number of sets)
  • Equipment Required: Bodyweight, Dumbbells

Full Body HIIT Workout with Dumbbells

Sets: 3-5 (12-20 minutes)

Rest: 30 – 60 seconds per exercise and set

  1. Front Squat to Shoulder Press – 15
  2. Reverse Lunges to Hammer Curls – 20
  3. Push Ups to Renegade Rows – 12
  4. RDL to Bent Over Rows – 15

Exercise Tips for Fat Loss at Home

This full body HIIT workout with dumbbells focuses on maximizing intensity using compound bodyweight exercises that allows you to maximize calorie burning with minimal equipment. If you’re looking to use this workout often ensure that you rest a day in between during the week.

No matter how intense your training, you must ensure you consume less calories than you burn daily if you want to lose fat.

Push in each set because as you do more sets, your muscles start to fail a lot quicker, therefore if the exercise asks for a certain amount of reps, push for that amount for each set. The amount of sets and reps are mainly a foundation that should ensure that you can do at least 3 sets.

Note: You can add push ups to the Renegade Rows for more intensity and work more muscles.


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