Alpha Sports Nutrition Optimal Whey is one of the brands most popular products and has some great nutritional value on paper, but there’s always more to that. When I got the opportunity to get it, I didn’t think twice about it. My first choice is always the chocolate flavoured one, so I had got the chocolate milkshake flavour and this is what I think about it. My views are based on this flavour only and I may have a different opinion with others.

I have been using the product for about 2 weeks, drinking it on its own and mixing it in other food to see how it mixes and how it tastes. The thing is if you want to keep the protein as “lean” as possible, have it on its own, but if you really want to make the most of it, mix it with your current diet to have a meal or something that has more nutritional value and helps you get full.

Alpha Optimal Whey
Alpha Optimal Whey
Alpha Optimal Whey

Optimal Whey Protein First Thoughts

The thoughts that I had before I even opened the container was that the packaging is pretty unusual with a single diameter container from the base to the lid and I guess this was made to minimize the waste of space and minimize the cost of packaging of the protein. This is my engineering mind playing part here, because the container was 3/4 full when I opened it which is better than what many of these brands do these days.

I was quite surprised by the colour of the milkshake picture they used, because it was very dark for a chocolate milkshake. I’ll giveo them that, because the actual powder and mixed shake is dark, so they ensured that they were consistent with that. My blue is my favourite, so the packaging in general attracts me to the product, but anyway, let’s get into the detail.

Nutritional Value

This whey protein comes in great with 22 g in what they call an optimal protein blend containing whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Obviously, there are other ingredients that contain protein but their ratios aren’t as great as the blend, such as the milk protein solids.

It has a great list of amino acids which will assist with the repair, recovery and building of muscle. The protein amount covers 39% of the nutrient reference value (NRV) for individuals 4 years and older.

The amount of carbs are very low per serving at 4.5 g which is great and less than half of it is coming from sugar (1.9 g). They have used Stevia, a sugar substitute that is very low in calories but usually very sweet. the fat content is even lower than that with 1.5 g per serving and this helps the optimal whey be low in calories with 121 kcal per serving.


This is the most questionable one to be honest, I obviously tried drinking it alone using the recommended water content and it came out a bit bitter. I mixed it with some milk, less than the recommended amount and it tasted a bit better and it’s a bit more protein. I don’t know if this bitterness could be the Stevia or some other flavouring that they’re using, but it’s present with each sip.

Adding it to my oats to make some proats (Protein Oats) has become the best option so far, because the bitterness isn’t present anymore and it taste more like a cake or brownie, especially with some added peanut butter.

I look to make some protein pancakes next and will update this post accordingly on the taste. They better show that they are the Alpha Optimal Whey with these.

Quality and Value of the Optimal Whey Protein

What I do like about this whey protein is its thickness, whether you drink it alone with its recommended water amount or mix it with something else, it manages to keep milkshake kind of consistency.

The protein amount makes it ideal as a protein supplement being higher than 20 g as was mentioned before, it is 39% of nutritional reference value for individuals 4 years and older. This is also related to the Dietary Reference Intake for a man and woman.

Some whey protein products bring about cramps and bloating and honestly, I had cramps once while using this product and I guess I was also very hungry then. It has been very light on the stomach and momentarily filling because of the amount of water that goes with it too.

On the Alpha Sports Nutrition website, they go for R299 excluding the delivery cost of R100. I managed to find someone locally that sells the products and I got it for R315, with it having 28 servings in a tub. You’d be paying between R10.70 to R14.20 per serving of protein for the month, so take that into consideration when looking to buy some whey.


The protein content is high, making it a great option as a protein supplement in your daily routine and post workout. It is low in the other macros (carbs and fat) and low in calories, making it a great option if you’re looking to get lean and lose fat.

It is a quality product, the taste may not be the first impression, but it leaves a long lasting impression for the average person and myself. I can’t get over that short, yet evident bitterness that comes and for that simple reason, I have got give this one a 7/10.

The Future of FAT in Terms of Supplements

I will be looking into selling supplements on the website, mainly to improve access of supplements to everyone. The goal is try and eliminate excess costs that come with access to supplements, such as delivery costs. I will be based in East London for awhile, so this is where I am aiming to start.

What are your favourite supplements that you want easier access to and better convenience, I want to help through FAT, please let me know by email – If the Alpha Sports Nutrition Optimal Whey is an option for you, please let me know.


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