Strength training helps you lose weight for good without having to do loads of cardio or starving yourself. It increases the chances of keeping that weight off by building more muscle as more muscle mass increases your metabolism, because you tend to burn more calories the more muscle you have.

Strength training is a type of physical exercise that helps you get stronger, build muscle and/or endurance. You will use some sort of resistance, being your body weight, dumbbells or barbells etc. to help induce these developments that come with strength training. There are four types of strength training that you can follow depending on what your goals are out of the following:

  1. Power
  2. Maximum Strength
  3. Hypertrophy (Building Muscle)
  4. Endurance

Weight loss requires your body to be in a calorie deficit, burning more calories than you consume. Strength training will help you burn more calories as all types of exercises do, but the more resistance you put on your muscles, the more they will develop and the more energy will be used for them to recover, inducing further calorie burning.

The Benefits Of Strength Training For Weight Loss

pull exercises

There are many benefits that come with strength training such as developing the strength of your bones and joints, improving your daily tasks that may require your strength such as lifting heavy things or standing for hours. You will also benefits from the improved blood flow that comes with exercises enhancing your thinking and learning skills.

Here are some benefits of strength training specifically for weight loss:

  1. Increased calorie burning: You must exercise to burn more calories for weight loss. Strength training will help you burn more calories without having to do hours of cardio or even drastically consume less calories. This comes with the effort and the more energy used to handle the resistance you put on your body.
  2. Increased metabolic rate: Your metabolic rate is the amount of energy your body requires to carry out its daily functions. Strength training develops your muscles and the more muscle you build, the more energy your body uses to develop and maintain that muscle. This helps you burn more calories for weight loss.
  3. Strength training fatigue: This is one many people don’t know about but depending on what time of the day you do strength training (this usually happens in the late afternoon/evening), the fatigue that comes afterwards can lead to you not having a big appetite. You will usually not eat much afterwards, which will help with reducing your calorie intake in the long run.

What Strength Training Exercises Burn The Most Calories For Weight Loss

Strength training to lose weight requires you to do exercises that help you burn the most calories. When you are a busy individual, you must look to do exercises that require less time to complete. Here are five types of strength training that will help you burn the most calories.

Compound exercises are strength training exercises that work two or more muscle groups in the full movement of the exercise. The more muscles you work, the more calories you burn. Here are six compound exercises to add to your workout routine to burn more calories:

  1. Deadlifts work your shoulders, back muscles, glutes, hamstring and calves.
  2. Squats work all your lower body muscles and activate your core muscles.
  3. Pull ups work your biceps, shoulders, upper back muscles and forearms.
  4. Shoulder press works your shoulders, triceps and some upper back muscles.
  5. Bench Press works your chest, triceps and your shoulders.
  6. Bent Over Rows work your back muscles, shoulders and biceps.

What Other Exercises Help You Lose Weight

The thing is with weight loss, the more opportunities you give your body to burn calories, the faster you will lose weight and sustain that weight loss, especially if you’re consistent with what you do. The following exercises are not necessarily considered strength training exercise, but incorporating them with your strength training routine will lead to greater weight loss results.

  1. Steady-state cardio is a type of cardio that is done with low to moderate intensity and can be done for an extended period of time. You must sustain the cardio for approximately 50% of your maximum heart rate. It can be done using a treadmill, stepper or spinning bicycle etc. there are many options to use for this. This is strength training for endurance.
  2. Jumping rope: Another type of cardio exercise that helps you work your whole body with the use of jump rope and rhythm.
  3. HIIT: High intensity interval training is an endurance routine that revolves around doing intervals of high and low intensity exercises in quick bursts for a number of sets.
  4. Burpees: A brutal exercise that works your whole body and becomes very tiring the more you do, but is very helpful in burning calories to help you lose weight.

Where To Start With Strength Training

It is difficult to start strength training to lose weight without a plan in place. This is why I have created a strength training workout program for those who have some experience in strength training, but I haven’t followed a routine that gets them to the next level. You must remember to work on being in a calorie deficit to lose weight, but always consuming nutritious food.


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