The Adidas Solar Control M is an Adidas running shoe for men. It is at the top of the range of their running shoes due to the technology that comes with it. I was never aware of the technology that has come with manufacturing shoes until I felt this one. It is going to be difficult going back on this quality. The review is based on the requirements that I had at the time of purchase. I needed a road running shoe that I will also use in the gym.

I am a 26 year-old man with flat feet, so I am susceptible to overpronation and I never run more than 5 km in a day of road running. My requirements are basic in that I need a shoe that is able to support my feet and ensure stability. The shoe must be comfortable with the correct grip on the sole for unusual surfaces, like wet tar and grass. It must also be light in weight. I wasn’t going to pay more than R1200,00 for the shoe either, so I knew exactly what I was looking for.

Adidas Solar Control Boost, Grip and Support

Adidas Solar Control contains Boost Technology which is their innovation in conjunction with BASF, a chemicals company. They introduced it in 2013. It is the use of polymers that are compressed, expanded and then molded as part of the sole of the shoe. It provides comfort and what I like to call “bounce” where you feel like it puts a spring in your step with every movement. The shoe has about 80% boost from what I can see.

It provides unbelievable cushioning in that you don’t feel the surface that you are moving on. You feel the bounce the more you run and jump. The grip of the sole is provided by Continental, a global manufacturer of tyres, which provides traction on the surface. I have physically felt these while running, jumping rope and pushing sleds on the artificial grass in the gym. I have had the shoes for over a week now through rain and shine.

The Adidas Solar Control also has its torsion system called Linear Energy Push or L.E.P. Technology that provides support underneath the foot to allow your forefoot and rearfoot to move independently on any surface. This provides better stability and supports pronation of the foot. Believe it or not, the sections of your feet twist and turn depending on the surface that you are moving on.

The shoes are quite heavy at 340 g with breathable mesh and 50% recyclable upper section. The weight is a challenge and is something that I’d need to get used to when running, considering my previously lighter shoes.

Where To Buy These Adidas Running Shoes

I am currently based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, so I only had two options to get these shoes near me – online or at the Adidas Store in Fairview. I needed them urgently, because the upper section of my old shoes were hanging by the forefoot of the sole. Their original price is R2499,00 but there are some massive discounts at the moment. I got the Adidas Solar Control for R1250,00, that is 50% off!


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