Where It Started

What’s up guys! Oyisa here. I am the Creator of Fitness As Tradition.

My fitness journey started in 2013 when I started training in the gym for rugby. I had very little knowledge about nutrition, it was mostly based on many opinions and gym junkies at the time.

I naturally had a skinny build, but I could easily gain muscle. Due to my lack of knowledge, I had found myself eating a lot of carbs and just lifting heavy.

By the start of that 2014 season, I weighed in at about 86 kg at 173 cm. I was heavy and slow, all I knew was to getting big and muscular and this was easy for my body. I soon realized that I was not functional in rugby though.

The season was my worst one in my records I believe. I scored one try and was injury prone. I knew that after this season, I had to make a change and educate myself.

Learning and Applying

Pre-season came for the 2015 season and I did my research while I was recovering from an operation I had in the 2014 season due to injury. This resulted in me not being able to train my upper body for most of the pre-season.

I focused on balanced nutrition and overall fitness training (including speed). This paid off in the 2015 season, where I weighed in at about 83 kg not any taller, but lighter, faster and stronger.

I managed to score in most of the games that year and made it into the Provincial Academy Team. I was proud of the learning and application that lead to this.

Why Fitness As Tradition?

Fitness As Traditon (FAT) was the concept of what I heard a lot of when people had asked me for fitness tips, “How do I lose fat here?” ” I can’t lose the fat here, how do you do it?” “What are the best supplements to lose fat?”

I felt obligated to share what has worked for me and what could work for someone else. To help in the same sense, in that we all learn and apply what we learn, because this is how we grow.

I kept on learning and applying, until I reached a physique that I believed I could achieve again and help others achieve it and better, if they desire to. The picture below is the physique I had in 2017, around the time I also launched FAT.

Where It Is Going

FAT was started as a platform for busy people who want to get stronger and lose fat while managing their busy schedules.

I personally work a 9-to-5, while finishing my degree and trying to build a business. This is something I live and I want to influence you to prioritize your health and fitness in your busy life through this blog and all content that I create.

I aim to provide information on training and nutrition that I wish I knew back in 2014. If you want to want to take part in it, follow us on Instagram and check out more content on Pinterest.

You want strength training and fat loss tips, check out the Blog or if you want the scoop on the latest supplements, check out the Reviews. If you have any questions or want to contribute to Fitness As Tradition, feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.