It has been found that since there is so much information that has been introduced into the fitness industry by anyone who has some sort of experience, qualification or passion in fitness, it has become very difficult to find what you’re looking for in the simplest and easiest way.

Fitness As Tradition was created with this in mind and the following resembles the principles by which all content that is provided is based upon.


The ultimate mission is to become the greatest fitness influence in South Africa and the categories of this mission will be:

  • To be the go-to information platform for anything related to a healthy lifestyle.
  • To be the reason people start or get back on their fitness journey.
  • To inspire and drive a positive mindset in life and fitness.


To achieve this mission, a vision has been set out that looks to involve everyone that is a fitness enthusiast and these people should abide by the factors of the vision:

  • Person: The viewer is the most important person and should be given concise information giving them value, the person that provides it should correlate with the viewer and other information providers on its delivery.
  • Action: Every person should strive to practice what they preach and be able to actively display their information and do more than they say.
  • Delivery: All information provided should be easily understood and applied by viewers who take interest in it, should be different and worth the viewers attention.
  • Organisation: Everyone that is involved in the brand in one way or another should organise themselves in getting work done and planning what they are going to do.
  • Productivity: Do effective work and add value towards the site, providing the best and most honest information to the viewers in the simplest and smartest way.