Anabolic vs Hyperbolic Mass

I thought I'd touch on this because a friend of mine had asked about it, because he wanted advice on which one is better to take and all I could say was hyperbolic, because I've known hyperbolic to mean exaggerated in some sense, so you would be exaggerating gains in mass and I just didn't know... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Drink More Water

INTRODUCTION We always hear the importance of water biologically but it never gets to the point where we hear how beneficial it is for fitness so I'm going to just give some insight on it, based on whatever goals you plan to accomplish on your fitness journey. The first which is a general benefit is... Continue Reading →

How To Meal Prep

INTRODUCTION You never really value or understand the importance of preparing your meals for the next day(s) until you get a job that makes up your whole day, I recently got one and before I did, I'd stay at home, train, eat, train, sleep in between and then more eating, without worrying about money or... Continue Reading →

Indulging on your Favourite Foods

INTRODUCTION I write this eating lunch at work, thinking about this whole cheat snack/meal idea in that a lot of people carry a lot of anxiety when it comes to eating food that is not necessarily nutritious for you. This can come in the form of cakes, pizzas, McDonald's and my favourites muffins, I'm actually... Continue Reading →

A Highly Effective Core Exercise

INTRODUCTION This is the first of the Fitness Friday Tips I have started this year and I thought that I would start it with one of the most powerful muscle groups of your body - the abdominal section, but more specifically, your core which can add so much to your overall strength and fitness journey.... Continue Reading →

Day 7: Goodbye National Gym Festival

INTRODUCTION For those who don't know, I came to Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival where my brother was performing, I came because I would be paid for my services, I really wanted to travel and needed to make money to travel to Cape Town for the holiday. Before I came I decided that I'll... Continue Reading →

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