Core Workout 2

INTRODUCTION This a core workout where I incorporated some moves from an instructor and added my own to get a good strain on the abs and core strength, I hope it won't feel too bad with the way I do it but it can be adjusted to work for you. EQUIPMENT (OPTIONAL): 5 kg plate/weight... Continue Reading →


HIIT Workout 3

INTRODUCTION This workout is one in which I didn't push too hard, for one, I didn't use weights, two, I only went for 3 rounds and I guess since I sweat easily and didn't sweat that much with this one, I can say that it can be a starter workout for those getting into High... Continue Reading →

Leg Workout 3

INTRODUCTION Using one dumbbell that is approximately 20% - 25% of your body weight to do the exercises, the workout is one to build strength and endurance in the leg muscles. The muscles that are worked are glutes, adductor magnus, hamstrings, quads and calf muscles. THE LEG WORKOUT DURATION: 40 minutes REST TIME: 1 minute... Continue Reading →

Chest And Back Workout 1

I have my gym buddy Shingi who I incorporate different methods of training with when I go do some calisthenics at the local trim park (outdoor gym) where I stay and we keep alternating the way we train the most, being chest and back. There is minimal rest and supersets that are done in order... Continue Reading →

Shoulder Workout 1

I've been home for a week and this week I decided to try create a program which would work with the 10kg weights that I've got here. I started Monday with a Leg Workout but due to a busy Christmas (Oh, Merry Christmas!), I wasn't able to post it up, but all will be revealed... Continue Reading →

Leg Workout 2

INTRODUCTION My legs have still been slacking because I've become lazy to train, but in my goal of gaining weight I've become a firm believer that most of my mass comes from my legs, so, TRAIN LEGS! Having the shape of a carrot with a big upper body and small legs is not something anyone... Continue Reading →

HIIT Workout 2

INTRODUCTION This is one of the HIIT Workouts I've been doing for the month of February which incorporates the whole body. I have been doing short but intense workouts recently, because I'm trying to balance out the time I get back from work with the time I have to go to rugby practice or time... Continue Reading →

Leg Workout 1 (Bodyweight)

Before last week Friday, I hadn't trained legs in 2 months and that's because 1. I've had knee pains in both legs at different times 2. I didn't really know how to get a proper leg workout without going to the gym 3. I lost motivation because I no longer had a gym membership. I... Continue Reading →

Beach Workout 1

Legs stay the most important muscle group in my opinion as they are really what complete your body and prevent that mirror muscle stereotypical "carrot" shape which comes with not training them. I've always believed that strong legs also help with things that require your legs to be able to last a long period before... Continue Reading →

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