Core Workout 1

  There are always ways of training your body outdoors, from your shoulders to your calves. This will be the first workout I'm producing since the change of my blog, I'll keep my promise in that it will always be easily identifiable and visual. Abs are never fun to do, but their benefits are endless in that... Continue Reading →


Upper Body Workouts

INTRODUCTION Building upper body strength has been something that I've struggled a lot with ever since I started weight training and that's because once I had started, I stopped doing the bodyweight exercises I used to do before I started hitting the gym. Forgetting how much those exercises had helped me is the reason why... Continue Reading →

Shoulder and Arm Workout 1

INTRODUCTION I hadn't gone to an indoor gym to do my own workout in awhile and my strongest and weakest muscle groups are my shoulders and arms, respectively. So I decided to hit them out in the gym and it felt pretty good. In this workout, I went heavy because I feel like I'm still... Continue Reading →

HIIT Workout 1

INTRODUCTION High-Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) has been the most adventurous type of training I've ever started using and is one I'd recommend for people who want to lose body fat, get lean or pick up a sweat in the shortest time possible. It is done in intervals in which you do a high intensity exercise in... Continue Reading →

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