Full Body HIIT Workout (Day 3-4 of 14-Day HIIT Challenge)

This challenge is becoming a lot tougher than I thought, but I am taking time to measure my progress in a mirror. The things that may not be evident to other people other than me, such as veins or losing fat around the lower abs and all. I have changed the workout, so that we... Continue Reading →

HIIT Workout 4

Before I left East London, I felt the need to get into some HIIT workouts again with the goal of losing fat as I build muscle. I started doing HIIT workouts like the one below to use as a finisher to my workouts and it really burned but made the workout feel more fulfilling and... Continue Reading →

Core Workout 4

Since I've been in East London for the festive seaso, I've managed to try get in 3-4 days of training per week. Otherwise, I've decided to record another Core Workout that is a bit more challenging and maybe for more advanced trainers, because it was a tough for me, but it will surely burn your... Continue Reading →

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