January 2017

Rugby Player and Aspiring Fitness Coach

Oyisa Hackula, the owner and only contributor to Fitness As Tradition (FAT). I established this brand to freely provide people with motivation, workouts, exercise and nutrition tips.
There are future plans for the brand as a whole but right now I just want to help wherever I can in terms of you working towards a healthy lifestyle. In the near future I will become a certified personal trainer to add to my current knowledge and experience which may not be much, but can definitely help someone out there.
I started the website in January 2017 and that was my physique at the time and probably at my happiest, healthiest and also probably my lightest. This is where it all started for me in which I wanted to share my passion, help people and myself actually to get to this point of confidence and self-esteem to reach fitness goals. I want to hold myself accountable again and will be sharing my physique in order to practice what I preach, but my own personal mission is to gain lean mass and provide information to anyone to help them reach their own personal goals.
This is a brand that encourages community involvement so everyone who has opinions, advice and their own expertise that they want to share to inspire collective growth, “why not?” – word to Russell Westbrook.