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My name is Oyisa Hackula, I am 21 years old. I was born in East London, South Africa, but I moved to Port Elizabeth when I matriculated at Hudson Park High School in 2015. I am currently doing a National Diploma in Industrial Engineering at Nelson Mandela University and have been here since 2016 staying with my brother and will hopefully finish my studies in 2020 I also play rugby for the university and soon going to study to become a certified personal trainer.

I started lifting weights at the age of 16 and I haven’t looked back, because what I appreciate the most about training is the process, the pump and obviously the improvements that come with it. During the next two years I had people asking me how I trained to get my body to a certain point, certain muscle groups and honestly had no knowledge of it at all, all I knew is train hard and eat right which is very vague. In my last year in high school, I started doing research on bulking and I managed to get to my heaviest that year, but maintained a decent looking body.

I wanted to help people in a more logical, understandable way and help with their own fitness processes, but first I had to start understanding it myself, so during the last few months of my first year in varsity when I went home for holidays, I went on a diet to become leaner that really worked for me and then managed to reach my leanest from 18% to 12% body fat with losing 1 kg only.

I felt that I had researched and experienced a bit to at least help some people who are as lost as I was five years ago, knowing I still have a lot to learn, I started Fitness As Tradition as the platform to share and learn for everyone that needs it to drive a new generation of fitness inspired people that can pass that on to their family, friends and the next generation – this movement has only started, are you willing to be a part of it?

The picture on the left was after the lean diet, it symbolizes the start of FAT because it is when I decided I wanted to help people in getting the bodies they want and the one on the right is my latest physique on a bulk, trying to maintain it as much as possible during the rugby season and it represents a struggle that I’ve had trying to feed my body on a low budget as less nutritious things are less expensive, so some fat has been gained there, but it is all part of the process so I’m appreciating it all. JOIN ME if you want to start or get back in your own fitness journey or let’s connect more intimately.


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