4 Week Strength Training Program

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The ideal intermediate training program with nutrition guidance in Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) calculation. This 4-day split is a rotation of 3 full body sessions and then 1 upper body focused session that sets you up for quality gains by focusing on strength, hypertrophy and power. On each strength training day, there is a cardio session that will also be required to help burn calories for fat loss and building your aerobic fitness. Easy to follow for those with hectic schedules, you’ll find everything you need to make the progress you want in and out of the gym.


2 reviews for 4 Week Strength Training Program

  1. Sewetho T Seloilwe

    I saw it very interesting

  2. Xolile Mangxamba

    Good day, Oyisa
    This blog has been helpful to me on my fitness journey.
    I’m a marathon runner, I also like lifting weights, but I struggle to choose strength exercises that will go hand in hand with running.

    • Oyisa Hackula

      Hi Xolilie,

      Thank you for your message, I appreciate the feedback and happy to hear that the blog has been helpful for your fitness journey. I am not a marathon runner, so I cannot advise sport-specific exercises, but for general strength exercises, it’s always a good idea to start with compound exercises (exercises that work more than one muscle group e.g. bench press, squats, deadlifts etc.) Please message me if you need more information or a program that you’d like to try out.

    • Oyisa Hackula

      Hi Xolile, thank you for your words and I’m glad that it’s been helpful. I understand what you mean. I think strength training that goes hand in hand with your running requires someone that does sports specific training for you. I can accommodate on a fat loss program which wouldn’t really be what your goals are. You can also contact Callan who was one of our contributors and a marathon runner himself actually.

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