This is where you’ll find every resource that I have used throughout this FAT journey. These are resources that I have used to help me develop my mindset into working towards my eternal happiness and financial freedom. I have used the equipment and accessories in times where I wasn’t able to go to the gym and some of the supplements that I currently enjoy. This page is updated regularly, please take note that some things may have affiliate links that I get paid a small commission for.

Kindle App

The Kindle App is one which I have been using to read books on my phone. I personally love a hardcover but if I don’t want to travel to buy one or wait for it to delivered, having a book on my phone makes it easier to read more and is more convenient in ensuring that I keep feeding my mind with knowledge and positivity in life and business.


Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is the first book that I read this year. It educates the reader on financial literacy and freedom to help build long-term wealth. It opens your mind to investing into your financial future through using your money to make more, instead of using it to spend more. It introduces you to steps in achieving financial freedom and Robert Kiyosaki’s journey, while constantly reminding you that it is a long-term game.

Capitalist Nigger

Capitalist Nigger is a book that is not for the faint-hearted, I decided to read it because of it’s controversial title and it seemed focused on wealth, which it is. It speaks of Africans being a consumer race and not being as self-sufficient as other countries. It provides a perspective of how us, as Africans, can build each other in supporting our own businesses instead of investing in overseas brands. One should read it not as an attack, which is what I did first, but more as an opinion that requires open mindedness.