How to Build Muscle

To build muscle you can either be in a calorie surplus or caloric deficit, the difference comes in with how much weight and/or fat you’ll gain or lose in the process because as said in How to Lose Fat, you need to be in a caloric deficit to lose fat. Ultimately, it depends on your... Continue Reading →


How to Count Macros

I am following on from the What Are Macros? post I recently did and I felt it necessary to separate the understanding of macronutrients to the counting of them because as much as it may be similar to calculating calories, there are greater role players in terms of the each macro requires a certain percentage... Continue Reading →

What Are Calories?

It is one of the most important nutrition facts in building the physique of your dreams, understanding how they affect your desired food intake and your body is very important in how you work towards your fitness goals, which brings me to the general points I'll be covering: What are calories in food?Why calories are... Continue Reading →

How To Meal Prep

INTRODUCTION You never really value or understand the importance of preparing your meals for the next day(s) until you get a job that makes up your whole day, I recently got one and before I did, I'd stay at home, train, eat, train, sleep in between and then more eating, without worrying about money or... Continue Reading →

Less Oiling and More Boiling

I've really noticed changes in trying to gain lean mass or lose fat, by not only changing the way I eat but changing the way I cook what I eat. I don't fry my food as much as I used to, I've found that boiling or steaming or grilling really works better but trust that... Continue Reading →

Mirror Muscle Magic

Nothing beats a good looking muscle and the best way to get this I've learnt is releasing of the weight slowly as you lower it and remembering to squeeze the muscle as much as possible at the peak of contraction. The mirror muscles are your traps, chest, arms and abs. Here are tweeks on ensuring... Continue Reading →

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