Full Body HIIT Workout (Day 3-4 of 14-Day HIIT Challenge)

This challenge is becoming a lot tougher than I thought, but I am taking time to measure my progress in a mirror. The things that may not be evident to other people other than me, such as veins or losing fat around the lower abs and all. I have changed the workout, so that we... Continue Reading →

HIIT Workout 3

This is one of the HIIT Workouts I've been doing for the month of February which incorporates the whole body. I have been doing short but intense workouts recently, because I'm trying to balance out the time I get back from work with the time I have to go to rugby practice or time to... Continue Reading →

HIIT Workout 2

Legs stay the most important muscle group in my opinion as they are really what complete your body and prevent that mirror muscle stereotypical "carrot" shape which comes with not training them. I've always believed that strong legs also help with things that require your legs to be able to last a long period before... Continue Reading →

HIIT Workout 1

High-Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) has been the most adventurous type of training I've ever started using and is one I'd recommend for people who want to lose body fat, get lean or pick up a sweat in the shortest time possible. It is done in intervals in which you do a high intensity exercise in one... Continue Reading →

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