How to Run Your First Ironman

INTRODUCTION The reason why I started training is because my girlfriend wanted to run the Half Ironman, she was the crazy one and I told her that I'd help her train, since I was studying Human Movement Science at NMU and that's how everything came about. My mindset wasn't really focused on anything athletic, I... Continue Reading →

Day 5: Lazy Leg Day

INTRODUCTION Another break from a show and a colder day, but what remains is my desire to get the workout in, the "bed" I'm sleeping in has become more comfortable and I've managed to not sleep hungry anymore. Today is leg day and I have just the right things to try to gain that muscle,... Continue Reading →

Day 2: Up In Arms

INTRODUCTION I wake up with shakes and a sore-ish throat but I had to get up because my bro's performance is at 2 pm, I decide I'm gonna put in the work first, then eat breakfast, shower and leave for the show. I started the day and my isolated muscle group week with arms and... Continue Reading →

Day 1: Reason

INTRODUCTION It took about 1h30 to get here and it was a pretty warm trip for most of it and those that know me well, know that I like to sleep whenever I get the opportunity but for some reason I didn't this time or maybe it's because my bro was making conversation the whole... Continue Reading →

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