The Brand

Fitness As Tradition aka FAT was Oyisa Hackula’s dream to have a brand that creates a legacy in life and the fitness industry that no matter who you are and whatever your background, you can live a healthy lifestyle and it can be something that you as an individual can pass down to the next generation – started in 2017.

This is a community based brand that strives to be an open platform for anyone that wants to share their knowledge and expertise with regards to fitness and nutrition. Workout, recipes, training and nutrition tips and more is provided, but with more growth all things fitness want to be provided and distributed which can drive someone in reaching their fitness milestones and be represented by everyone once the movement has progressed, this is the ultimate goal.

Being the greatest fitness influence in South Africa is what is striven for, but like any fitness journey, it is all about the consistency, working hard and appreciating those small achievements that are made. The whole process is like building your dream body, but the promise to you is that your process isn’t as hard but more smart and more than just building a dream body but instilling a mindset that isn’t wavered by the challenges that come with working towards it.

Take a look at a workout, try a recipe or just browse through and it is guaranteed that you won’t leave here without having something valuable to take with you and share because the utmost effort has been put into it, just so you can achieve your goals – let’s connect!