An inspirational fitness journey: Meet Lee-Anne, a 37-year-old fitness enthusiast hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, and currently thriving in Johannesburg. As a dedicated personal trainer, online coach, and group exercise instructor, Lee-Anne is on a mission to empower individuals to become the healthiest, strongest, and most confident versions of themselves. She vows to make “peeps strong & confident AF”.

Lee-Anne believes that it is the most amazing feeling to be able to change peoples lives in the most positive way. She does it because she wants to help and see people succeed and become the best, healthiest, strongest and most confident versions of themselves.

Where Lee-Anne’s Fitness Journey Started

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The catalyst for Lee-Anne’s entry into fitness was a heartbreak that dealt a significant blow to her confidence. Motivated by a desire for enhanced self-confidence, a “bad-ass” attitude, and an overall positive self-perception, she delved into fitness. Joining a gym in 2014 marked a pivotal moment, and despite the initial challenges, she persists with gratitude for the transformative experience, affirming her enduring commitment to this fitness journey. Her commitment to personal growth and well-being led her to become a beacon of inspiration for others.

Ambitions for the Future

In the coming 3-12 months, Lee-Anne envisions herself staying committed to her current impactful role. She will persist in her unwavering dedication to aiding individuals in achieving their goals while building strong connections, both in-person and online.

Looking forward to the next 3-5 years, she foresees herself flourishing on a broader scale. Her aim is to extend her reach and provide support to an even larger audience. This involves an intensified focus on online coaching, hosting more events, and expanding her business into additional cities and countries, thereby elevating the global reach of her mission.

Maintaining a Workout Routine

Lee-Anne diligently schedules appointments with herself and ensures her utmost adherence. She engages in strength training four times a week and incorporates one or two cardio sessions into her routine. Additionally, she makes it a point to engage in daily walks or movement to sustain a commendable activity level, reaping numerous health benefits.

Lee-Anne’s Top Traits and Inspirations

In Lee-Anne’s personal perspective, three paramount traits stand out as crucial in achieving her fitness goals, defining her identity as an athlete: prioritizing oneself above all else, unwavering consistency, and the tenacity to persevere even during moments of reluctance. These qualities not only propel her towards her fitness objectives but also shape her identity as a dedicated and resilient athlete.

She finds inspiration in a myriad of individuals from diverse walks of life and backgrounds, each offering unique motivations at different junctures. Whether it’s health and fitness coaches, musicians, entrepreneurs, or simply kind-hearted individuals, her wellspring of inspiration knows no bounds.

Pinpointing a single source becomes challenging due to the array of influences. However, this morning, she drew inspiration from Joyce Meyer. Delving into Meyer’s videos, Lee-Anne explored her purpose and life story, deeply moved by Meyer’s resilience in the face of numerous hardships. Witnessing Meyer’s journey stirred a profound admiration for where she stands today and the sacrifices that paved her path to success.

Breaking Bad Habits and Believing in Herself

breaking bad habits

Lee-Anne successfully overcame a significant challenge, namely the habit of smoking. Despite numerous attempts to quit in the past, she ultimately quit smoking in 2017, coinciding with her pursuit of a Group Exercise qualification. A pivotal moment occurred during one of her practical assessments when her chest experienced severe discomfort. This incident served as a wake-up call, prompting her to make a life-altering decision. In response, she immediately quit smoking and has steadfastly remained smoke-free ever since.

Belief has been a constant driving force in her journey. With an unwavering belief in herself and her capabilities, she embraces a resolute mindset. Lee-Anne’s personality is characterized by undeniable commitment when she sets her sights on something she truly desires, giving her endeavors her absolute best.

Seeing Results on the Road to Her Personal Training Qualification

The realization of the fruits of her labor came into focus when a crucial shift occurred in her approach. Despite consistent training efforts, her results became evident when she delved into the fundamentals of nutrition, tailoring her diet to align with her goals and unique body. This transformative understanding unfolded during her personal training studies in 2021.

Engaging in hands-on experimentation, Lee-Anne implemented newfound knowledge, and the results were astonishing. After several months of dedicated experimentation, the emergence of visible muscle growth became undeniable, marking a remarkable and awe-inspiring turning point in her fitness journey.

It’s Never Too Late to Start Your Fitness Journey

Intriguingly, Lee-Anne’s venture into fitness commenced at the age of 27, marking a departure from a lifestyle unacquainted with her health and fitness pursuits. Unapologetically candid about her past affinity for partying, smoking, and indulging in McDonald’s regularly as she jokingly states that she was literally living off of it. Lee-Anne’s initial foray into fitness was fueled by a quest for confidence and self-assurance.

The realization of the significance of an active and healthy lifestyle struck her during dedicated learning and study sessions. As she delved deeper into self-education, Lee-Anne’s awareness grew, affirming the alignment of a health-conscious path with her personal journey.

From only starting her fitness journey at the age of 27, 10 years later, she aspires to be a health and fitness coach for as long as she lives. Reflecting on her transformative journey, Lee-Anne highlights her monumental achievements, both within the gym and on a personal level, impacting mental and physical well-being. Her journey has witnessed remarkable accomplishments, and enumerating them is no small feat:

  1. Optimal Health: Lee-Anne attests to being in excellent health, both physically and mentally, signifying a holistic well-being triumph.
  2. Confidence and Self-Love: A profound shift in self-perception, Lee-Anne proudly acknowledges her newfound confidence and genuine self-love.
  3. Positive Impact: One of her most significant achievements lies in the positive impact she’s made on others’ lives. Lee-Anne emphasizes the profound importance of this accomplishment.
  4. Pull-Up Mastery: As a tangible representation of her physical prowess, Lee-Anne joyfully notes her ability to conquer pull-ups, showcasing her strength and dedication to her fitness journey.

This retrospective overview underscores the awe-inspiring evolution from humble beginnings to multifaceted triumphs, painting a vivid picture of Lee-Anne’s inspiring path to success.

How to Start Your Own Fitness Journey

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In the pursuit of well-being, Lee-Anne advocates a back-to-basics approach, emphasizing the significance of fundamental principles. Recognizing that many overlook these basics, often leading to burnout and abandonment of fitness goals, she advises against overcomplicating routines.

Dispelling myths, Lee-Anne underscores that an effective fitness journey doesn’t demand exhaustive 7-day training, rigid diets, or unnecessary supplements. Instead, her mantra revolves around incorporating nutrient-dense whole foods, prioritizing quality sleep, daily movement and manageable strength training.

Stress management is a key component, and she advocates adopting sustainable practices for enduring progress. The crux of her advice lies in tailoring one’s approach to be realistic and sustainable for a lifelong commitment to holistic health.

Lee-Anne’s Flexible Approach to Diet and Nutrition

Delving into Lee-Anne’s approach to nutrition reveals a practical and adaptable strategy designed for sustained well-being.

Meal Preparation Approach: Lee-Anne opts for food preparation, focusing on cooking various proteins and carb sources. Her flexibility allows her to curate meals based on daily preferences, with prepped ingredients conveniently stored in the fridge.

Timing and Duration: Cooking occurs on different days, typically Sundays or Mondays, and the prepared food sustains her for 1-4 days. This pragmatic approach ensures efficiency while accommodating her versatile schedule.

Daily Eating Routine: Lee-Anne typically consumes three main meals and adds 2-3 snacks when desired, acknowledging that snacks are often personal indulgences. She emphasizes her aversion to rigid food rules, celebrating a diverse array of meals. A key lesson learned involves prioritizing protein and fiber, breaking free from the monotony of eating the same meals daily, which had previously impacted her relationship with food.

Supplementation: Lee-Anne incorporates multi-vitamins into her routine, a practice driven by a commitment to overall well-being. Acknowledging that she might not necessarily require it, she opts for this comprehensive supplement to address potential nutritional gaps and ensure a well-rounded micronutrient profile. The inclusion of protein powder serves as a convenient strategy for Lee-Anne to meet her protein target effortlessly. This choice reflects her practical approach to maintaining an optimal protein intake, essential for muscle health and overall fitness. She includes magnesium, chosen specifically to support sleep, rest and overall recovery. This intentional selection underlines her holistic approach to well-being, recognizing the crucial role adequate sleep and recovery play in sustaining an active lifestyle.

Guilty Pleasures and Cheat Meals

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Embarking on a candid exploration of Lee-Anne’s nutritional journey reveals her candid perspective on challenges, guilty pleasures and the concept of “cheat” snacks and meals.

Nutritional Challenge and Guilty Pleasures: Lee-Anne openly admits her ongoing challenge with chocolate in all its delightful forms. Her love for this sweet treat stands out as a genuine guilty pleasure, reflecting her realistic and relatable approach to nutrition.

The Myth of “Cheat” Snacks and Meals: Rejecting the notion of a “cheat” snack or meal, Lee-Anne firmly believes that enjoying treats doesn’t equate to undermining one’s diet. She emphasizes the compatibility of all foods within a healthy diet framework. Her philosophy centers around embracing life’s pleasures without guilt, fostering a positive relationship with food.

Favorite Indulgences: Lee-Anne’s love for food knows no bounds, making it challenging to pinpoint a single snack or meal. However, pressed to choose, she expresses a fondness for KFC Streetwise 2 with pap and gravy, accompanied by delectable chocolate treats like Kit Kat, Bubbly and Chuckles. This indulgent selection reflects her belief in savoring favorite foods without compromising overall well-being, embodying a balanced and joyful approach to nutritional enjoyment.

The 80/20 Principle in Nutrition

Lee-Anne advocates for a personalized approach to eating, recognizing the uniqueness of individual responses. Experimentation is encouraged to discover what works best for each person. Her recommendation includes understanding calorie intake aligned with personal goals, with an emphasis on nutrient-dense whole foods, protein, fiber, and a rich variety of fruits and vegetables, constituting 80% of the diet. The remaining 20% is reserved for favorite foods, striking a balanced and sustainable diet.

Strength Training Insights: Lee-Anne’s Training Blueprint for Fitness Success While Getting Older

Unraveling the intricacies of Lee-Anne’s training regimen provides a blueprint for achieving optimal fitness and well-being.

Training Frequency and Goals: Lee-Anne commits to four strength training sessions weekly, emphasizing their role in fostering optimal strength, mental and physical health, athletic prowess, confidence, muscle gains and an overall sense of empowerment. Supplementing this, she engages in 1-2 cardio sessions per week to reap heart and lung health benefits, enhance mood, and boost mental clarity and energy.

Training Split: Her current split revolves around 2 full upper body days and 2 lower body days (hamstrings/glutes & quads/calves). This approach, chosen for its balance and efficiency, allows ample time for essential rest and recovery, a priority especially as she recognizes the changing needs of her body with age. The simplicity of the split minimizes time spent in the gym while maximizing effectiveness.

Program Adherence and Evolution: Lee-Anne adheres to a strength training program, either self-created or sourced from trusted sources, typically following the same routine for approximately 2 months before introducing variations. This strategic approach ensures consistency while accommodating the evolving demands of her fitness journey.

Strength Training and Cardio Integration: Her weekly schedule strategically integrates strength and cardio sessions, adapting to the dynamic nature of life, time constraints, and personal schedules.

Cardio Timing and Building Muscle Tips: Lee-Anne remains flexible regarding cardio timing, recommending a preference-based approach. For building muscle, she highlights the significance of consuming protein and carbs before and after training and underscores the pivotal role of prioritizing rest and recovery.

Favorite Muscle Group: Her preference leans towards training back and biceps, a choice driven by the indescribable satisfaction she experiences other than that it feels “lekker” for her.

In essence, Lee-Anne’s training philosophy unveils a holistic strategy encompassing strength, cardiovascular health, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to individual well-being.

Getting in Touch with Lee-Anne to Start Your Fitness Journey

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Connect with Lee-Anne through her website,, and follow Fit Life with Lee on various social media platforms. Discover the range of services she offers as a Health and Fitness Coach, along with any special offers for her audience.

Embark on Lee’s fitness odyssey, where determination, positivity, and a commitment to well-being pave the way for a transformative and inspiring journey at any age.


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