A high intensity core workout to get stronger and burn calories. This one doesn’t only work on your core, but your full body too. A workout that can be done anywhere requiring only your body weight to do.

If I am not running after my workout, I always do 10-20 minutes of these metabolic or core workouts so that I can come back stronger the following session and be able to do a progressive overload of weight during strength training.

Why It Is Important To Strengthen Your Core

Your core is a group of muscles that work together in nearly all movements that you do. It is beyond the section of the abs and torso, making it your whole body excluding your legs and arms (limbs).

Core strength is the ability of your body to stand strong against gravitational stress. When your core is strong it takes off the gravitational stress on your limbs, this is why it is important to get it stronger through exercise.

This high intensity core workout will also work your shoulders, chest, back, arms and legs.

10-Minute High Intensity Core Workout

  • 2-4 Rounds (10-20 Minutes)
  • 30 Seconds Work
  • 30 Seconds Rest
  1. T Push Ups
  2. Plank Get Ups
  3. Shoulder Taps
  4. Plank Toe Touches
  5. Burpees

The Benefits Of A Strong Core

There are many benefits that come with having a strong core, but like abs, it isn’t enjoyable working on it, but it’s always worth it. The benefits of a strong core include:

  • The mere fact having core strength is the ability to withstand gravitational stress, it will help with your every day movements, especially if you’ve got a heavy duty job.
  • Less stress is placed on your legs and arms, which will help you lift heavier weight in the gym with the lifts that involve these muscles.
  • A strong core helps improve your posture as it includes your abs and lower back muscles.
  • A strong core also improves your balance.

You Need A Coach?

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