Today I had decided to buy groceries at Humewood Spar and I went through the supplements aisle to look for a protein bar to review and I actually took a long time to decide and I’m sure people were disturbed by the time I took, but I chose the USN Trust Delite Bar.

I chose it because it is exactly the same net weight as the Carb Killas at 60g so it will be seen as a good comparison to that, I’ve never tasted any chocolate-caramel products so it was worth a try and my first experience was worth documenting.

Nutritional Value

The protein bar is made up of 194 kcal which is actually pretty low compared to the other 60 g protein bars and I guess my last statement in USN Pro Protein Bar Review of 60 g protein bars having about 270 calories is not viable, it was an assumption using the knowledge of protein bars of eaten anyway. The macros are 11 g Carbohydrates (8 g sugars and 5 g polyols), 7,3 g Protein and 3,7 g Fat (3,2 g saturates).

As we can see sugars and saturates make up majority of the carbs and fat respectively like in the Pro Protein Bar but these values won’t have a massive impact on weight goals and the sugars could be needed ones such as glucose, fructose etc. Otherwise the protein content compares to the the Grenade Protein Bars which have 23 g.


The taste is blended very well and as you bite, all the flavours gel well together, you bite into the milk chocolate coating then the layer of caramel ensures that the sweetness is evident but 47% of the protein bar being the protein blend ensures that it doesn’t taste too sweet and still being like a normal milk chocolate bar, making it have a great taste.


I think this protein bar, considering it’s low calorie content, made me full for sometime, I guess it could’ve been the nougat texture or protein content, but it managed to be appetite suppressant for when I needed it, which is good.

The nougat texture makes it very chewy which can be tough on the jaw but it manages to maintain each part of its flavour. It having a high protein content of 22 g makes it high quality and highly effective in being a post-workout snack, alone and it is truly filling.


USN lives by affordable costs and high quality, I think this is one of their most expensive protein bars costing R29 – R30 and it makes some sense since it has the same amount of protein as most protein shakes out there per scoop, so it is basically a scoop of whey protein powder. It is still a bit pricey though despite being delicious and filling, the package is also nice.

It is great tasting and filling, it carries a high protein content but it is pretty expensive. Otherwise, I would only go back to buying it on payday and I’m running low on my protein. I appreciate the quality of it, but I would like it to be less chewy and be more similar to the Pro Protein Bar on eating it.




This product is no longer in stock I think, but there’s other Trust and Trust Crunch Bars which you can get on their website and use my code “oyisaUSN” to get a 10% discount on anything you buy.


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